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A supportive community for self-love, meditation, and motivation with Taylor Ellison.

About Us

TAYLOVE is a community designed to help you feel good, love yourself more, and stress less. Get on-demand access to guided meditations, short video lessons, self-care tips and a library of resources to help you tap into more joy each day.

Join us to become a part of a supportive community of people looking to deepen their own self-love and self-acceptance. Share your highs and lows in a loving, safe space, and get motivated for a new week with events like GRATITUDE POWER HOUR!

The TAYLOVE community is a place to connect, meet new people, and get your questions answered on a variety of mindfulness and self-care topics. Have fun in a high vibe environment and feel safe to just be you! Read and share motivational posts and inspiring quotes. It's a social community without the need to hop on social media. Let's celebrate that you are AWESOME just by being YOU. Because it's true!

Why You Should Join Us

Are you ready to be kinder to yourself? Do you want more tools to let go of stress and anxiety? Do you want the opportunity to ask questions and get new insights about self-care, meditation, and personal growth in a supportive environment? You've come to the place! Join us at TAYLOVE and together we'll support each other on the journey to more self-love and less stress. 

Big Thanks and Virtual Hugs

Thank you for checking out TAYLOVE and helping us build a community of love. I'm so excited you want to tap in to more joy and self-love in every day life. I'm thrilled to connect and get the opportunity to support you on your journey to even greater self-compassion and self-acceptance.

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